Monday, November 3, 2008

Slow crafting this week

So this week I'm going to be lacking in my crafts....Sorry. I'm getting ready for hubby to get home from deployment :D. And Go Fig....I barely put a dent in my to do list during the past 6 mos., LOL, then again I'm not to frazzeled by it. I have way to much to look forward to than worry about the "to do list". Though I am going to be trying to cram some of the stuff I was meaning to do with in the week. Mainly clearing some household clutter I hide behind closet doors, LOL, and finally catch up on ALL the laundry and get it all put away :P.

So till next week :D.......


  1. aww yay! I remember the first time me husband came home, he's only been on one deployment, and the list I had to get done...hahahah I was pregnant and in noooo moood to get it done. Seeing him was the best feeling though! Good luck with everything!

  2. Yeah I've lost count on how many deployments/Workups/Surges I've delt with in the pass 9yrs and Never get my list done. LOL.....hence why no frazzle....I've given up. I think it's impossible to finish what you wanted to get done when the guys are out.