Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rockin' Halloween!

So I already showed off my first attempt of a tutu and posted my DD in her costume for this year but here is my 4yr old son in his. He wanted to be a Rock Star (whoo Hoo my mind thought CHEAP AND EASY and it was). I made him a strap for his toy guitar cos I refused to let him tote the real one daddy gave him. He stuck a drum stick in his back pocket. I smudge eyeliner on his eyes and gave him black lipstick.....So ok he turned out to be more Emo Punk Rocker. But now that I look at these pics for some reason I'm reminded of the band Green Day. Crazy......


  1. I LOVE these pics! And Yes, Green Day is the first thing I thought of! Great Work!

  2. God he is a cutie pie! I agree with the Green Day look alike! Love that rockin hair!

  3. He's such a lil hottie and yes Green Day is exactly what came to mind! Maybe even a lil bit of FallOut Boy!

    But he's way hotter than those guys could ever be! Great job on both kids Mom!!