Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello 2012

Hey, look at that...I am back! I feel like such a fool too. After my last post for some reason I couldn't get on my blog anymore. When I did I would get some error page. I'm still not sure what that was all about but for awhile there I just gave up! Now that I got this new beautiful laptop, I'm back and it seems that my blog is working again, YEA!!! :) :) :)
Anyway, It's a new year and I've made a lot of new goals for 2012. One of them is learning to become a better blogger, LOL. Stop starting something then falling off the face of the earth. The other one is to reopen my Etsy store and once again stay on top of it. I miss my craft time and I'm tired of letting life keep me so busy that I can't even take time to stitch a row in my forever going crochet blanket I am making to match my cute throw pillow I made last year. Now that I have found a new addiction to, I sit there and drool over other peoples crafts. It's almost like being on a diet, you want that chocolate that is in the pantry yet you can't have it. I drool over others crafts knowing I can make something similar but I lost time on go do it.

So with that being said, speaking of time, I could be using this time to work more on my pretty throw blanket :p. Happy new years!!

The Forever Going Throw

The Cute Pillow I Made Last Year
(should really take a new and better pic)

........hum looks like I need to take a day to fix the layout of my blog as well...........:p