Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Enjoying life....

So I think it's time to get out of my MIA status and get back to reality. Now that hubby is off of leave and back to work it's time to get back to the ol' routine, during the day anyways, when he's not home. It's so great to have him home!! Kaylah, our 19mo old DD, had a little bit of warming up to daddy again (as you can see in the homecoming picture where she would not let go of me). I think she didn't find him real at first. "HEY this man came out of the TV and photos!!", LOL. Zachary is takin in some of the changes well. Except for the control of the remote and TV...LOL. Oh well. But it's been nice to hear Hubby play his Guitar, Act his dorkous self and just have the extra help I need.

Like I said though back to the ol' routine....I have a busy rest of the month ahead of me. Our Curves I go to is having a Holiday Craft Fair. So I need to bust products out and I also need to hit the hardware store to get some stuff to make a Display props to put my jewelery on that I'm going to sell being that this is the first fair or whatnot I've ever done. I also need to get busy on finishing up christmas gifts as well. Right now I'm in the middle of my MIL's gift and then I recently bought the stuff I needed for my Mom's gift. Busy Busy me....EEECK

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