Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello 2012

Hey, look at that...I am back! I feel like such a fool too. After my last post for some reason I couldn't get on my blog anymore. When I did I would get some error page. I'm still not sure what that was all about but for awhile there I just gave up! Now that I got this new beautiful laptop, I'm back and it seems that my blog is working again, YEA!!! :) :) :)
Anyway, It's a new year and I've made a lot of new goals for 2012. One of them is learning to become a better blogger, LOL. Stop starting something then falling off the face of the earth. The other one is to reopen my Etsy store and once again stay on top of it. I miss my craft time and I'm tired of letting life keep me so busy that I can't even take time to stitch a row in my forever going crochet blanket I am making to match my cute throw pillow I made last year. Now that I have found a new addiction to, I sit there and drool over other peoples crafts. It's almost like being on a diet, you want that chocolate that is in the pantry yet you can't have it. I drool over others crafts knowing I can make something similar but I lost time on go do it.

So with that being said, speaking of time, I could be using this time to work more on my pretty throw blanket :p. Happy new years!!

The Forever Going Throw

The Cute Pillow I Made Last Year
(should really take a new and better pic)

........hum looks like I need to take a day to fix the layout of my blog as well...........:p

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So, for over the past year and a half my life had gotten a little crazy and without getting into to many personal details, I had lost myself therefore crafting and other hobbies got pushed aside. During this time we had bought a house and man has all the renovations, and upgrading to make it a home have been some hard work. Then to top it all off I decided to start online college, interesting to say the least considering I have been out of school for, what, 13 years and that was high school.

Well despite everything, starting today I plan to bring back this blog, at least once a week. In the mean time for this post here are a few crochet projects I did accomplish during this blogs down time.

  • I've been trying my hand on in amigurumi patterns and just getting better at crocheting in itself:
This was my first attempt...My daughter ended up claiming her and calling it Cutie

This I made for my husband who's a Snoopy collector. Not to shabby.

In our new house I have staked claimed on the spare bedroom as a "pretty" guest room (a little throw pillow for the futon). This was made without an pattern and just done freestyle and right now I'm working on a matching throw.

For back-to-school (really my daughters start of preschool). I tested in making some crochet bows for her "hair pretty" collection (sorry for the horrible pic).

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crafty Christmas Gift

Well, my last crafty Christmas gift is done for this year. I'm so excited that I got all my shopping and crafting done early this year :D. It gives me more time to wrap up the gifts really pretty....hummm, maybe, we'll see, LOL.

Man, though, did I want to take my coffee and cuddle up on the sofa with my daughter this afternoon after I was done making this throw blanket but I resisted well.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crafter Mojo is back....

Well I kinda lost touch of my crafty/artsy side and threw everything on the back burner. Even, sadly, my Etsy shop and this blog. Which thanks to my cafemom team they pointed out some fixer uppers to make the shop better. I just still need to take the advice into action...but procrastination and whatever is keeping me from doing so. UGH!. I really need to straighten up and get out of this funk. But I think the mojo is starting to come back....

Well the mojo seem to have started coming back in the spirit of making my daughters Halloween costume. A tutu and butterfly wings. She was just to cute for words (I know a bias mom moment, LOL). Then also due to the holidays in trying to save a little money and also to make gifts more personal I've decided to throw my hands into making those neat felt food I kept seeing online. They were so simple and fast to make, it got me excited again to be crafting. So here's the recent project I did. I apologize for the horrible photos of the felt foods but right now I can't find my USB cord for my cam. so I took these with my cell phone. (man I would like to know where that cord is!!! LOL)

Monday, August 3, 2009


Well since my move i just haven't had much time, desire, let alone any good updates to blog. I'm also thinking on cutting out my childrens blog and just keep this one. I have other networking groups to keep the close family and friends updated on em'. I mean hey, in great news, I have made 2 sales with in a month time :D.

I should really get involved with the public world more so I can really get some cash in these pockets. I also need to get out of this rut...get back to crafting which I'm sure will get me back to blogging here :p

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grand ReOpening!!

Just a quick ad of a blog....

I wanted to let everyone know that it's business time once again. Free shipping on all my items till June 13th. Happy Shopping. Enjoy Homemade :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

My RockStar :P

So I've been meaning to give a little promo to my hubby's recent now mastered CD. With the years he's been working on this project and it is finally finished. I'm very proud of him and yet glad it's done, LOL. Now his next step is productions for sales and getting notice in the public. If any of my readers are interested in listening to his sound here is his link . Feel free to leave a comment and share your critizism (good or bad).