Wednesday, November 12, 2008

simple change in decorating....

So back in July I decided I had enough of sleeping in a bachelor/dorm looking bedroom...because saddly when you go threw my house it's all nicely decorated (kinda)and put together...even the kids room! Then there was our room....yeah, the catch all and literally we were using old moving boxes covered with sheets as night stands....Ghetto fab I know. So I spent probably $200 on a simple redecorating...and yeah I could of really added personality to the room with some color paint but living in military housing I'm in no mood to turn around and repaint the room white when we move out let alone have to fill out the paper work with the leasing office to paint the room. It would also be nice to have a whole bedroom set but it's not in our budget right now. But for $200 I don't think I did to bad with what I had. So with the excitment of my hubby's return home from a 6mo. deployment tonight why not show off the bedroom...LOL!!! Hey it's going to be business time tonight!!! ;)....WHOO HOO!!



My kitty Smoke making a guest appearance.


  1. looks great!!!!! your before pictures totally looked like our bedroom when we first got to bragg. lol so blah! glad you got to re-do it. and happy your husband is home!!!

  2. I like it! Wanna come do my house? LOL