Thursday, November 6, 2008

My New Item was loved so much I got Taged :P

Thanks Rockerchic, LOL.....Let see first rules....

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2nd my dorky ways or interesting odd facts however you want to look at it. Either way I'm a Dorky Gal with Crazy traits, LOL....

1. I have no fear to burp or pass gas in front of my close friends. I firmly believe God gave us these noises in humor. So yes I still laugh about it at time like I'm 6 or something and also I won a burping contest about 12 yrs ago.
2. Speaking of contest.....I sure I can play Fear Factor in bug eating. In my SR year of H.S. our history class made a sod house.....In one of the sod patch I found a worm and was goofing off with my guy friends that I was going to eat it. One bet me $5 and yes I did....I ate me an earth worm...and it wasn't the first time either. In 2002 the local radio station here in Seattle, 107 the end, was doing a game at Fright Fest (Wild Wave's Amusment parks Halloween theme) for concert tickets to Korn and other prizes...To get the prize you had to bob for them in "WORMS" when we first saw the bucket it was Spaghetti and tomatoe sauce so My husband and I signed up to do it.....When the game started we found out there were actually earthworms also in it. My husband chickened out but when it came to my turn I was more in it than the big tuff looking guys before me. I even made the DJ feeling sick watching me bob for a prize taking in mouth full of worms and spaghetti to move it out of my way (cos you couldn't use hands). I had them flying all over the place. It was all in my hair, down my shirt....I was gross....Needless to say in the min. time though I didn't win anything but I did leave with a CD cos of how into it I got. LOL. My husband was sooo appalled by me, LOL.
3. I have a compulsive dissorder to make sure the front door is would be nothing for me to leave the house walk down the street then turn around to check the door again like 3 or 4 times. Till I have to tell myself the door is lock over and over again in my head. I also have the same issue with my car that I'll put the alarm on when it locks but if I don't remember hearing the beap I'll do it again after walking past 4 cars in the parking lot.
4. I don't know if this is strange or unusual but I have a clicking jaw. Due to me having a small mouth and crowded teeth. So if I open it up to wide like yawning it pops. ( get your mind out of the gutter!)
5. hummm...Oh when I was in grade school I had an obsession with Denim and Plaid. One year I think it was my 5th grade year all I wore was denim and plaid. I even had a denim jumpsuit and Denim converse shoes with purple Plaid inner lining. Those were the best and if I could get my hands on converse like that I'd wear em still. I mean even to this day I like denim and plaid....My bedding use to be till I redecorated this summer was Denim and the sheets were green and blue plaid. LOL. I even tend to lean towards Denim and plaid fabrics too when I go out for craft supplies or buying my kids cloths.

6. Japanese toliets!! I know it's been over almost 8 yrs since I last seen one of these thing but I swear in the potty world they tramatized me. I can't just plop a squat and go. I have bladder shyness and so I have to feel that Cold Porclien on my butt. It was nothing in Japan if we were road tripping and I had to go, that when we pulled up to a stop and I would potty dance my way in that you would see me come running right back out. Telling my husband we must find a western toilet. I even went all day holding it till the wish was made. This is a pic of my potty nightmare.....

Oh and here is a FUNNY comic I found online about Japanese toliets and how to use em'... Yes that would of been me in the last screen...I'm sure of it. Cos I'm not graceful one bit.

7. Ok this isn't to strange or in the dorky factor (but since rockerchic already posted her dorkiness of being a Sims2 Addict I couldn't very well put that in mine)but it's something alot of people never realize unless my hubby and I are standing together or I'm wearing heals cos he thinks me being even taller is flippen' HOT....but yes I'm taller than my hubby. He's 5'5" and I'm 5'8" (sorry I couldnt' find a recent picture of us showing our height diffrents besides Halloween last year)

People I'm tagging....HA HA ;P



  1. I've never been afraid of a Japanese Toilet before....
    Until now...

    Thanks! And yes, I would be the one falling it Shiz too!