Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas came early for me :D

Hubby said I need to call it my late anniv. / early christmas present. But I finally got my car I've been wanting since Saturn first came out with them. I got a 2008 Saturn Outlook XE....Isn't she pretty? Hard to tell in the scanned pic Saturn gave us but she's a midnight blue. Now I can fit in with the cool soccer moms, LOL. Not that I'm a soccer mom right now but a mom I am. It was so funny to seeing the shock on Kaylahs face when she was throwing a fit and I brought down the tv screen for the dvd player it came with. Talk about an easy way home last night since lord help me I had forgotten her "Passie" (Trying so hard to break her off of it). No one believes me that my little baby girl becomes a little demon from "Passie" withdraws. It's crazy. Now Zachary he was funny cos he thinks he gets to have his cartoons in the car all the time but I told him ONLY on LONG TRIPS! That he's lucky cos mommy and daddy never even had anything like this as a was road bingo or other self entertaining car games....LOL. Now Granted the DVD player was a bonus cos if it was me I wouldn't have added that package into the car but it was already hooked up with one. Call me old fashion...I'm sure I'll grow old being the lady that tells "when I was your age..." stories.....but whatever. Kids today are spoiled and yes I will admit mine are at times as well. But anywho...I love my new car. I had to share my new gift I got, LOL. :D

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  1. I love it Torie!! I really hope you get to enjoy it ---- you very much so deserve it!