Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Upcycle this.....

So earlier this week I was sorting threw the kids old cloths. putting a pile of keep to sell, Thrift and or freecycle. Well I loved the little monster on this shirt but it was so horribly shaped in the neck line cos of my son over stretching it. But while looking at it I had a "ah HA" moment! I'm thinking cool little rockn'roll wrist cuffs, a little pillow and who know what yet.....depends what I have left of the shirt.

Now if only my sewing machine was nice to me. She's mean to me sometimes. My sewing machine and I like to fight, lol. I tried to work on my ideas but I kept having issues with the threading tension then by the time I fixed that my bobbin ran out and I so with that I threw the white flag up for the night and hit the crocheting project I'm in the middle of. I HATE loading bobbins. So I'll try again tomorrow......LOL.

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