Wednesday, October 15, 2008

just a little history...

Ok So I'm not the best blogger nor a great writer cos lord knows if your a grammer speller freak you'll be reading the wrong blog cos I'm sure I would have alot of red ink error marks on my page from yea. It seems to be the big thing with everyone so why not jump in as well. Heck I created a blog for my children last year but I'm to horrible at keeping up on it. So we'll see how I do with this one, LOL.

First I guess I can start off with my name being Victoria. I'm a busy busy mom of 2 little ones,a dog, 2cat, and 4 fishes along with being a Navy which I tend to be very active in being busy with helping out in our Navy commands Family support system. For years I was in a Creative stump. An Artist block you can say. Till earlier in the year websurfing late night, when the kids were in bed and hubby was out doing workups or whatever it was, and I found the world of very cool Upcycle crafts.....especially "Plarn"....seeing how cool it was to get rid of all my plastic bags made me look for my crochet hooks and check the plarn stuff out.

My first project was a gift basket I made for a friend's babyshower which I stuffed with some cute outfits and all.

I had so much fun making it I had to find out more things I can do with the plastic bags. Which websurfing again, I ran into how to fuse them...I'm still working on that one. It's a bit tempermental in making sure my iron is set right and all but this cuff I made was my first fused projected In which I made for a buddy of mine who's a great artist, too, but wont admit it.

From there I've been in what I've been jokingly calling it Creative overdrive.....I've got my Creative MOJO back!!! LOL. I'm constantly having these "AH HA" moments and looking at everyday stuff diffrent. It's crazy how much I've been crafting these days. I even started joining some crafting and go green crafters groups online. Cafemom has tons of get and give ideas to/from other creative mommies. Just recently, too, I got the guts to open up an Etsy Store!! Which also added me to joining the Etsy group on Cafemom, LOL. Which is an awesome group at that.

Your welcome to check out my store...just click the banner :D

So anywho....It's time to check back into my world of motherhood. We'll see how well I work with this blog. At least it will be a great way to show off my latest work and all, LOL. Please take care....Live life and SMILE

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