Sunday, October 26, 2008


Ok so I'm tired of commercial costumes....They are over priced yet cheaply made. Well like last year I made my sons costume of him wanting to be a pirate...I hit the thrifts and freecycle for things and just bought the hat kit. I loved how it turned out and had so much fun making it. So with that in mind I got excited to make the kids costume again this year. Both costumes are extremely easy. My son wants to be a Rock Star which we have everything already no need to have bought anything and with my Daughter I've been drooling over these AWESOME tutus people make and sell on I put my feet in the water and tried to make a tutu for my lil girl and so Folks here it is......I just got finish making it today and HAD to try it on her and take pics, lol.

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  1. i think its absolutely creative and beautiful - i can't wait to see your sons!!