Sunday, October 19, 2008

My latest project

So awhile back I had an "ah ha" moment to recycle a uniform shirt of my hubby. Found a pattern online for a easy purse and whalah.....

Now it took me months to make....cos once I had cut up the fabric I kinda left it on the back burner and forgot about it till recently, LOL, I'm horrible at collecting unfinish projects. But now that I have my Crafty Mojo back I have my goal to finish all my unfinish projects before the year end.....BUSY BUSY ME :D

Once again I made this with using Hubby's work shirt and then for the humor of him being a CS (which means Culinary specialist in the Navy) I used a pair of his old cook pants for the lining in which I used one of the butt pockets as a inside pocket in the purse.

I'm actually debating making this a custom item on in my Etsy store. But We'll see. I have one Navy wife that's going to be my first buyer...I don't know her which makes it great cos if she loves what she pays for and gives me a great review then I may just put it up for the public to order.

BTW, Meet Andrew my bedtime buddy when hubby is out to sea or having the night watch. Hubby got him for me before we were married coming off the plane and telling me "meet Andrew". I used him to cover up the last name patch for personal reasons.

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