Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello Virginia

So, We made it cross country and what a trip it was. Exhausting as well. We left WA. April 4th and took 2 weeks road tripping with seeing family on the way. Getting us here April 20th. 2 little ones and a dog...I'm sure you can imagine the trip. Though I swear my bigger problem child was my husband and his crankiness with the kids when they would get into it....

The trip was fun though. It made the move feel more like a vacation for awhile there. The kids got spoiled with lots of Easter candy (being Easter was the holiday on our trip). Which I'm still getting sick of seeing all the candy, LOL. For this mama who needs to loose weight, it's hard when you have chocolate eggs and rabbits over taking your kitchen pantry. On the trip it seemed we drove threw nearly the 4 seasons with Washington, Cali, and Colorado spring rain, Oregon, Missouri and Tennessee had the hot summer like weather and we even dealt with Snow in some was crazy! Man did it mess with my Allergies and Asthma but I did good staying on top of my meds. Now though the trip was fun, reality hit when we walked into our new home. A beautiful home at that but to have moved was hard on me emotionally. To leave so many great friends and the best supportive command my husband was stationed to yet. To have to watch my 5yr not understand why he had to leave his school and friends. It's hard to start all over and be peachy about it. But so far we are doing our best.

the new house

Now almost 4 weeks here we are now settling in more. Still have some minor decorating to do around the house like window treatments and picture hang but those are so easy to get done. We've found a church. I've transferred my Curves membership here so I can start loosing all the travel weight plus more. I've also joined a few local groups online so I can hopefully meet folks around here (I've made some of my greatest friends online in the past so maybe I can make new ones again). This weekend should prove interesting as Matthew has invited a co-worker and his family over for dinner. I truly hope it goes well. Though I'm sure it will and if it doesn't OH WELL cos my life will go on.
Which, meanwhile, as life goes on I want to get back to my crafting. I've been itching to do so... especially painting this time around. I need to also reopen shop, so I set the date of May 30th for my Grand Reopening! I'm hoping to get new items in there and get business up and running like crazy :). So with all this in mind I will sign off and get to crackin' on some craftin', LOL.

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